Books: “The Father Tim” Mitford series by Jan Karon

Thumbnail. The series may only be surpassed by the McCall Smith series for enduring warmth and reader love. Father Tim arrives in Mitford, a small town, and meets a cast of memorable characters. The series follows all their lives, some to conclusion, and Father Tim’s as well. He eventually marries, retires, unretires.

What’s to love. The series provides an overt look at Christian graces, and the awkward ways that Father Tim sometimes approaches what he preaches. He’s vulnerable and lovable. The reader wants to take up residence in this town! Side note: Some of Father Tim’s quotes and inspiration can be found in a compilation or two separately from the series.

How to read the series. The books are better read in order, though can be picked up one at a time. It appears Jan Karon has completed the series and there are no more on the way.

Summed up. Like a warm hug, this series makes for a great escape at the end of a long day. Not always exciting, a book from the series will help put you in a frame of mind to sleep peacefully, knowing a world such as Mitford exists, if only in imagination.