You’ve landed on my website, a place to consider books.

Why books? I’ve read everything from English mysteries to theology books on a daily basis. I love words and how they shape meaning. I’m working on a novel, but it’s not time to discuss that book yet. We can review other similar books, though. And that’s what this site is about for now.

A few details about me. I’ve lived awhile and seen all kinds of life changes, locations, and events. I grew up in the Midwest and cornfield country and from there traveled to Chicago for college. I’ve lived in South America and the U.S., in places ranging from Florida to Colorado to where I now live in the upper Midwest.

I first wrote for a little neighborhood newspaper I created in my pre-teens but have spent decades working in audio. All the while I’ve read through newspapers, flyers, libraries and walk-in bookstores. During the pandemic I purchased way too many books.

My family is important. I have a thoughtful husband, a wonderful next generation and more of the next—a handful of delightful grandkids.

That’s enough for our first meeting, just saying hello. Thank you for the persistence to make it to this last line!

PS. When speaking or for other purposes I do have a standard bio. You’ll need to ask on my Contact page.